Brand Story

나라말싸미 듕귁에 달아~ 사람마다 수비니겨 날로쓰매 편아케 하고저 할 따라미니라.
HANGUL was originally made Easy & Fun to learn

Lots of people have the misconception that Hangul is difficult to pick up.This is due to the various erred approaches in learning the language.To prove the fact that Hangul is easy and a systematic language to learn,For decades, we have researched the structural basis of the English and Korean language.This has led us to devise the 'Sentence Learning method’, which utilizes the principles of our patented method.Ultimately, we have succeeded in creating an automatic English ↔ Korean converting Engine.We have also applied this method to G-learning and devised an interactive game-styled learning experience.The Principle of Languages can be embodied unconsciously!!